master study, been painting lots recently ;W; but haven’t gotten the time to post traditional stuffs since I’m trying to get into more classes, but I gatta but some time into digital farts as well my october folder is crying, baby steps ;W;

doodle doodle mind puke trying to be direct with paint

doodle doodle mind puke trying to be direct with paint

master studies, increase my failure in art rate then I can be better ;W;
more poop the better

bored doodle

bored doodle

more summer studies, trying to understand how light wraps around forms with the different colour shifts ;A; my mind is still kinda confused on how it works

finally have the time to post summer studies, still calibrating my monitor soo I’m kinda unsure what’s up with the colours ;A;

eggnbacon: I like seeing this~!

ahhh thank you ;W; ~ <333

samdrawsjapan said: Great work Ray!! really inspiring for me!

wahh I really adore your paintings as well * W* let’s keep pumping HUZZAH!

Finished my goal in completing 500+ pages of sketches * w*
I disappeared over the summer due to low self esteem LOL (confidence what I struggle with) things weren’t that pretty :> but I still kept pumping art nonetheless!! I’ll properly upload my sketches soon as I’m trying to find a better desktop right now; so I can’t really do any digital stuffs ATM. In the meantime I made a twitter and I post my recent art there :D

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Your mind puke is gorgeous.

dawww thanks you gorgeous person (;//////;) I do enjoy mind puking xD